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Friday 07 October 2011, 14:51

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Bienvenue sur Jag-en-ligne
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Written by Brigitte   
Wednesday, 04 May 2005 11:47
No press photos of the actors on this site, you will find here only screenshots I have made ​​myself or information in French that I translated from U.S. sites, after getting authorization from the webmasters.
All the information you find on this site were taken by the webmaster or have been proposed, do not use them on another website or forum without seeking prior consent of the author.

This site is hosted on a dedicated server, paid for every year. It is not going anywhere, even if sometimes it is not often updated because of my family and professional obligations.

I created this site for fun, I hope you also take pleasure ..

This site has only recreational purposes, it is born of a crush I had to smile at DavidJames Elliott - Harm ...

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Merci David James Elliot
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Written by Althea   
Tuesday, 03 May 2005 00:11
There are no translations available.

Au début de l'année 2005, DJE annonçait sa décision de quitter les plateaux de tournage de JAG.

A cette occasion, Althea a écrit un message de remerciements qui a été transmis à l'acteur, de la part des membres de ce site.


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